Contract Management

Entertainment agreements are a tangle of riders and amendments with language drafted specifically to protect the artist and artist management company. Our contract review process identifies those potential technical details that will increase your liability and expenses. Then our entertainment attorney reviews our agreements to identify whether either party will find legal troubles down the line. In a sense, we level the playing field between you and national talent agencies, protecting your interest.

We handle everything: Force majeure issues, enforcement of radius clauses, indemnification provisions, artist cancellation and withdrawal issues, and the purchasing of pre-approved marketing materials. We insure compliance with your agreements, identifying and remedying any potential problems between the artist, artist’s manager, and you.

We negotiate the numerous levels of sponsorship requirements, ensuring you meet contractual obligations and that you receive the benefits to which you’re entitled. We take care of media partners, stage signage, stage presents, meet & greets, and product endorsements.

Planning begins with the artist’s tour manager typically four to six months prior to show date. We guide your organization through the often-overwhelming process of filtering through hundreds of details that direct all parties, ensuring a low-stress, successful show.

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