Entertainment Consultation

Bringing us in during the early planning stages always reveals new possibilities like shaping and re-shaping budgets and offering you options you might not have thought possible.

We’re a valuable voice at the table in initial planning with all our clients. Having us at your side during these critical first planning steps means getting a clearer picture of the availability of top and rising stars along with the range of costs involved.

We lay out several options for your event, from conservative to extravagant, showing you the realistic costs associated with each.

We help you identify the audience for your event, refining the talent selection process. We show you how to disperse your budget over multiple nights when a festival stretches for days. We help you consider which artists are ideal for each night of entertainment and show you how different artists and musical styles can increase auxillary income, maximizing your investment.

We can assist you in gauging an act’s drawing ability in specific markets; helping you choose the right artist for your market.

We study music industry charts, record sales, and past show results, giving us a keen sense of what draws a crowd.

Having the tools and data of industry insiders allows us to base recommendations on facts. But in the volatile world of music, more than facts are needed. Because we regularly produce the shows that we book, we have a keen sense of what works in a market and why.

We can stop there, knowing that we’ve given you the range of choices you need; or we can go on to help booking the chosen talent – it’s up to you. But given our track record of bringing the national touring acts that people want, at costs that are shown to be consistently below market; our clients invariably decide to have us follow through, getting them the most stage presence possible for their budget.

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