Production Management

Producing an effective show begins at least 6 months in advance and includes hundreds of details which require a great deal of negotiation. From selecting qualified sound and lighting contractors that can fulfill artists production requirements at a fair price, to working through the needs vs. wants of the Artist, there are plenty of critical details. We provide you the information needed to make informed and financially sound decisions.

We coordinate all details with the tour manager, production manager, sound company, back-line company, catering company, security, and the local on-site facility manager. With your goals in mind, we determine what production is needed to give a clear and professional performance. In the end, we’ve built a team of talented professionals to deliver an unforgettable show. We take care of everything from the audio mix board to the artist’s hospitality requirements, through personal appearances with guests – all of it on site and through one source. We coordinate schedules, timelines, and logistics to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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